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CMAJ News asked Dr. Cindy Forbes about the biggest health care issues of her year as CMA president. The following slides contain her response.

By Roger Collier | CMAJ | Aug. 17, 2016



We had very diverse opinions from physicians and patients, yet we came to a consensus on an approach. We were able to be effective in influencing Bill C14. I felt I was very fortunate to be part of the process, to actually see the result of our advocacy. I really feel that legislation has our stamp on it.



It was very gratifying to be there at the beginning. We started our advocacy for seniors care before the federal election, and we saw results in the sense of the platforms of the different parties. They started to use similar language when putting out their platforms and including important areas we had identified.



This is a huge opportunity to bring some issues forward again. One of our recommendations for the health accord is a demographic top-up to health transfers. We have asked to improve prescription drug coverage and work toward a pharmacare program, and for support for caregivers.



These are discussions I’ve heard right across the country and even in the UK, about the struggles the profession is having with our role in today’s society, with changes in technology and government attitudes toward the profession. So many changes have occurred and the profession is struggling to deal with them.

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